Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Effort

Tariff publishing serves purposes beyond federally mandated compliance issues. Global Maritime Transportation Services can leverage tariff and service contract information to assist in establishing both the best buy and sell rates while maintaining confidentiality of buy rates and the compliance of sell rates. This allows for a more accurate determination of the benefits of the cargo before accepting a booking so maximum profits can be attained.

Avoid Costly Fines By Using BOTE™

With expertise in both tariff publishing and the regulatory environment, Global Maritime Transportation Services can be a valuable asset to your business by helping you avoid costly mistakes and unnecessary fines.

Security and confidentiality are ensured with the use of BOTE Rates, a proprietary system that is fully owned and controlled by Global Maritime Transportation Services. Furthermore, the use of BOTE Rates guarantees regulatory compliance with the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) and the Surface Transportation Board (STB).

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