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BOTE RATES™ is a Global Maritime Transportation Services, Inc. "best in class" product providing the transportation industry with a fully integrated contract and tariff management system. This comprehensive web-based package contains links to live rate filings, user-friendly filters, document integration that allow you to streamline processes and maintain compliance. Contact us to learn how the efficiency of BOTE RATES™ can help.

Manage Contracts and Tariffs with Greater Efficiency

BOTE RATES™ is a culmination of years of development with the goal of creating the most comprehensive, flexible, and integrated web-based contract and tariff management system. BOTE RATES™ provides tools to calculate bottom-line rates and publish Tariffs, Negotiated Rate Arrangements (NRA’s) and Negotiated Service Arrangements (NSA’s).

In addition, BOTE RATES™ provides a newsfeed feature, which will update you on all published and system changes since the last login and provide reminders of upcoming General Rate Increases (GRI), Selective Rate Increases (SRI) and Surcharge increases.

  • Advanced user-friendly filters improve search results.
  • Documents easily integrate with various documents, spreadsheets and Pdf files.
  • Customer specific access safeguards proprietary information.
  • Enhanced security functions allow for limiting access to specified documents.
  • Cleanup functions streamline administration.
  • Live news and RSS feeds eliminate need to monitor services.
  • Responsive design works on desktops, tablets and smart phones.
  • Powerful but easy to use filters allow you to find exactly what you are looking for.
  • Fully calculable rates for tariffs, service contracts, and NRAs.
  • Access system online 24 hours, seven days a week.
  • Track your filings in real time directly on our website through our newsfeed.
  • Receive a daily email of all your filings that day.
  • Calculate rates and view all aspects of your tariffs and service contracts while only allowing the general public access to the essential terms or public access areas as required by the FMC.
  • Rest assured industry standard encryption and security protocols are used to protect your confidential data.


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