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BOTE QUOTES™ offers a state of the art freight rate quotation package. It provides an organization with the ability to easily quote freight rates directly from their tariffs and, service contracts, or create an entirely new rate using blank quotes. This user-friendly quotation tool seamlessly tracks quotes and provides the electronic interaction between your organization and its customers by giving customers the ability to accept, reject or counter freight quotes directly from their email. As with many of our products, BOTE QUOTES™ can be used in conjunction with other BOTE™ products.


Are you ready for an easier solution for creating accurate customer freight quotes? BOTE QUOTES™ is the answer. Working in conjunction with BOTE RATES this application streamlines the quoting process. An e-mail based quoting system, BOTE QUOTES™ quickly and efficiently obtains the current rules and rates from tariffs or service contracts. This gives you the ability to instantly pull information from the current tariff information or develop new rates and conditions for a particular client. You are immediately notified when the client accepts, rejects or counters the quote. You’ll be able to see your client’s buying patterns and therefore analyze the effectiveness of your quotes. Let BOTE QUOTES™ do the work for you. Contact us today for more information.

  • Easily create and manage all your freight quotes with one application.
  • Add special shipment conditions to quotes.
  • Track and analyze quote effectiveness through customer response data.
  • Make it easy for customers to accept quotes via e-mail.
  • Increase speed of creating and securing customer quotes.
  • Integrate with all tariffs and contracts stored in BOTE RATES™.
  • Work in the office or on the go with desktops, tablets and smart phones.
  • Access and analyze all your historical data from our secure database.
  • Historical data is stored in a secure database.
  • Industry standard encryption and security protocols are used to ensure confidentiality.


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