Completed conversion of all customers to the BOTE RATES™ software. Introduced the BOTE™ suite of products to the customer base.


Completed the first version of Bote Rates. Began testing and introducing current customers to the product and sought input into new features.


GMTS begins development of BOTE™.


Following Hurricane Wilma in 2005 GMTS opens an additional office in Burlington, Vermont. Celebrated 10th anniversary as Global Maritime Transportation Services.


GMTS relocates its Florida offices to Coral Springs, Fl. China Shipping goes live with EZTARIFF.


GMTS launches the first version of EZTARIFF. First customers were to use EZTARIFF were Seaboard Marine and Sea Star. Opens office at 150 JFK Parkway, Short Hills, NJ.


GMTS partners with a software company to begin the development of EZTARIFF™. Ocean Shipping Reform Act (OSRA) starts to impact carriers with a proliferation of service contracts. Moves Toronto office to Oakville.


ACS is sold to Ted Le Blanc, Joe De Braga and Brenda Johnston. Global Maritime Transportation Service, Inc. (GMTS) is formed. Ted Le Blanc is named President, Joe De Braga and Brenda Johnston are both named Senior Vice Presidents.


ACS relocates its Canadian offices from Montreal to Toronto. The New Jersey office also assumes responsibility for the management of Inter-American Freight Conference.


Brenda Johnston was hired to assist in the management and operation of the Canadian operation. ACS was contracted to represent the Australia / New Zealand conference and discussion agreement.


Joe De Braga was hired in Montreal by ACS to assist in the management and operation of the Hollywood, Fl. office. Joe was one of the first people to cross the border under the Canada - U.S. Free Trade Agreement.


Associated Conferences Secretariat opened its first office in the U.S. Market in Hollywood, Florida and begins representing the Central American Conference. Ted LeBlanc was named Managing Director of the Canadian operation and became a shareholder in the company.


Ted Le Blanc was hired to assist in the management and running of the Montreal office.


Associated Conferences Secretariat (ACS) was formed by a group of carriers to assist in the management and trade of the Canadian Mediterranean Conference. The office was situated in Montreal.